Two way Messaging solution

With Android apps and Cloud API

Quick solution

Turn your Android phone into a SMS Gateway. Allowing you to both send and receive SMS messages programmatically using our restful API 


Cloud reporting

Check reporting, messgage , status from our  cloud service with required customize reqport as per your requirement 


Local SIM card

Use any local SIM card to send and receive messages with a local phone number. Sign up for any mobile texting plan or bundle to minimize SMS costs.



Integrated with your exisiting application or service  for enable SMS based service or data collection and send option.  Support unicode Messageing.

Your Android phone, Your SMS Gateway

Receive replies SMS back to your application, follow up on responses with ease, and track who has responded and when.

Our messaging gateway  intgreated with our cloud api will replies to specific messages sent  this will help you to track of  the responses.  By using our tracking method , a unique feature of two-way messaging,  tells your application exactly which outbound message corresponds to a given reply. This is especially important for transactional messaging applications.

SMS with two-way messaging can be integrated into your business applications, allowing you to automate processes. SMS messaging specially  applicable getting start and stop response time for any service, collection of data through feature phone ,  inhouse SMS to emloyee  and other service where SMS messaging is required.

Main Feature:

  • Easy Maintai – anyone can keep your Android phone charged, connected to internet, and refill airtime.
  • Works in any country – as long as your phone can get a mobile signal and internet access.
  • Our Application can automatically send you email alerts when your phone isn’t working.
  • If the SMS Gateway app encounters errors sending messages or your phone turns off, pending messages will be saved and sent later.
  • When your Android phone isn’t connected to a power source, Application can switch to low-power mode so your SMS gateway can remain up and running for days without electricity.
  • View your Android phone’s status logs and change app settings from, even when you don’t have physical access to the phone.
  • View historical statistics for your Android’s power, battery, and network connectivity from the web.
  • Configure email alerts when your Android phone isn’t working.
  • Synchronize messages sent from your Android phone’s messaging app with our cloud platform
  • Utilize redundant networking with automatic failover between Wi-Fi and mobile data networks. 

Other Features:

  • Send and receive SMS to/from any mobile phone.
  • Send and receive long (multipart) SMS.
  • Optional SMS delivery reports.
  • Send and receive Unicode SMS (for Bangla and other scripts).

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